About Nancy's Notes

Nancy’s Notes offers JOYFUL and EDUCATIONAL music experiences, which challenge, entertain and educate.  Our curriculum is developed from research and experience including psychology, brain development, and musical techniques.  We draw from many teaching philosophies including the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education and the Suzuki international method for musical training.

Our most common feedback from students and parents is "that was fun!" 

Nancy Hunt -  Founder, Creative Director, Teacher

I founded Nancy's Notes in 2009 to share my family's joy of music and my belief that everyone has an innate ability to create and enjoy music.  

I am a classically trained pianist and violinist, having accomplished Conservatory Canada Grade 8 piano and many years performing with the Edmonton Youth Orchestra.  I  developed our unique curriculum through years of study and experiment, to encourage everyone to reach their musical potential.

Inspired by the creativity of my 3 amazing children, I am so happy to bring the joy of music to you and your family! 




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