• Music in early childhood enhances social, emotional and psychological development


  • Registration for Winter is Now Open!

  • Private Lessons are now offered for Piano, Voice, Trumpet, and Violin

  • All New Trumpet and Violin Classes begin January 2020

We had a spectacular spring session!

We had a sensational Summer 2019 session!

We had a fabulous Fall session!

Nancy's Notes Programs

Our classes are designed to foster your child's love for music through a comfortable and joyful environment that is welcoming for the whole family.  Our curriculum is develeped from research and experience including psychology, brain development, and musical techniques.  We draw from many teaching philosophies including the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education and the Suzuki international method for musical training.


A great first class for your little one!  Sing, dance and play instruments in this fun-filled, interactive class. Ages 0-3, 0-5 or 3.5-5.


A fun and social introduction to the piano!  Our classes are in groups of 4 -9, each child sitting at their own keyboard.  Ages 4 and up. 


Bring a ukulele and your whole family to this fun ukulele jam!  We'll sing and strum songs we all enjoy.  All ages!


Discover the young voice in a fun exciting group class. We'll learn singing fundamentals through popular song and games! Age 4-6.


We are excited to be launching our new violin program, starting in Fall, 2019!  Learn violin in a friendly group class.  Ages 5-7. 


Begin your musical journey in the brass family with the trumpet! We'll buzz and learn brass fundamentals! Age 5-7.  

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Classes For Home Schoolers

We can work with you to develop a customized class for your group, focusing on the interests of the children.


Bring a custom Nancy's Notes program to your centre - we can tailor songs, dances and activities to your educational focus and age range.  We also offer training for pre-school educators!

Private Instruction

One on one instruction time in your desired instrument. Lessons fit to your schedule. For all ages! 

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