NEW Violin Classes!  

We are very excited to be launching our new violin classes in Fall 2018!

Learning a string instrument is one of the best musical choices to develop your child's musicality.  The violin is beautiful and complex, and learning to play involves physical co-ordination, development of rhythm and intonation (pitch), as well as note reading skills.  Commonly, string players develop perfect pitch or absolute pitch more than other musicians.  

It is our experience that learning in a group provides children with a social and fun element which encourages practice and persistence.  Lyanne Jarillo has many years experience teaching violin and is delighted to be leading our classes.  

Classes are conveniently located on Whyte Avenue, at our Creation Space studio.

Violin 1a

  • designed for beginners age 5-7
  • 8 week session
  • learn the basics of tuning, and instrument care, posture and stance
  • introduction to note reading and music theory
  • play some musical games to build rhythm and note reading skills
  • parents actively participate in class
  • learn some simple pieces 

Violin 1b

  • designed for students who have completed Violin 1
  • 20 week session 
  • children continue to develop finger strength, and note reading skills
  • parents play a supporting role, assisting with tuning and practice
  • learn to play more complex pieces
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